some thoughts about my process

abstract painting

abstract #1

i start each abstract painting with a feeling or complex thought. the tension and energy caused by the unresolved concepts set a path for the color story of the work, as well as the first basic ideas of the composition.   

as I work my way through the painting, i find more focus, providing more clarity. the emerging composition leads to concrete decisions about light, shape, color, and space. the needs of the painting combined with the needs of my statement work together to create the finished work. 

abstract #1 was the first in my series of abstract works. painted during a time of personal turmoil, the positive space in this painting reflects the solid but unpredictable grounding of my life, the negative spaces represent deep wells of pain that sometimes feel bottomless.

abstract #1 speaks to the careful navigation between things in our lives that are solid and the chasms that we all know exist, but we try very hard to avoid.

longing started with the idea of physical longing.  missing spaces that I love, led me to speak about the ache that grows when we are kept away from people and places that fill us with peace and the feeling of home. sometimes the longing burns hot and becomes almost unbearable, sometimes it is cool and barely noticeable, and sometimes it hides in dark spaces deep within our bones. we all move in, out, and through longing, at times dancing on the edge of it, often not quite being able to name what exactly we are missing.

abstract realism

the joy that I find in painting comes from the absolute power over the world of my creation. giving a thought or feeling a visual representation is sometimes as necessary as breathing.

in the piece, take what’s left, i imagine a world where a person steps toward a new life and past demons are left behind. the central figure is exiting the structure, ghosts and skeletal forms are seen in the windows. in her hand, she holds only the smallest, most vulnerable part of herself as she takes the step necessary for survival. another figure watches, knowing the struggle, having survived it themselves.

fractured earth was inspired by combining two western landscapes. the rock formation, on the right side of the composition, was slightly humanized to represent three wise elders deep in conversation.

imagine if, as the three were speaking, the earth opened up around them, threatening to swallow them whole. then imagine, their wise words and ideas magically stitching the earth back together.

take what’s left
fractured earth

art as activism

misogyny-contempt for women

these pieces were created to speak to my outrage of governmentally forced pregnancies.

every woman, every girl, every person deserves control over their own body.

those in power have condemned the women and girls of this country to give up agency over our lives for their ‘values’, this is a cruel mistake. our bodies are not a vessel to own and control.

tastes like control

is this truly all you’ve ever dreamed of was created during the chaos that was the summer of 2020. this painting shows the coronavirus large in the foreground, but looming in the background is another more destructive virus. this virus, shown in the colors of the USA and representing white supremacy, threatens to cover everything in its path. the orange figures represent the trump administration’s response to both crises- chaos and destruction.

is this truly all you’ve ever dreamed of

dreams of nightmares

in this work, dreams of nightmares, i explore the push and pull of hope versus despair. based on a painful personal narrative, i worked to record the chaos of the lack of clarity in the meaning of the experience, whilst also recording the hope that the examination of the experience would bring.

others who have viewed this work have seen treasured cityscapes, factories, industry, dreams, climate change, and the irresponsible exploitation of our planet combined with the promise of a cleaner world if we act now for change.

art gives us the opportunity to explore the individualized thoughts that we each hold. a single image can change meaning, depending on the emotional charge that the viewer brings to it. i love to explore the ambiguity of abstract images and allow space for the viewer to fill in their own ideas.

thoughts about analog

analog is the exploration of loss. it is a statement of the profound impact of grief when something you cherish is snatched away and you are left with a giant hole that holds so much space in your body that it is hard for you to look away. the old camera represents the loss and the scale (4ft x 3ft) and boldness of the work represent the impact of that loss.

new works in glass

as a creative, i get inspired by a new direction, a new idea, or a new medium to work with. i have recently been introduced to fused glass and flameworking and i am loving the challenge of creating in glass. glass is unforgiving, it has its own ideas based on its chemical and physical properties. learning how to create within the natural boundaries of glass and experimenting with how far they can be pushed has been an exciting endeavor, leading me to think differently, create differently, and fail with grace.

interested in knowing more about a specific artwork on this site? leave a comment or contact me, i would love to hear from you.

works on display

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