“Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.”
— Claude Debussy

abstract paintings

glimmer of hope
oil on canvas
self assembly
oil and encaustic on canvas
dreams of nightmares
oil and encaustic on canvas
oil on canvas
firefly 1
oil on canvas

abstract realism

fractured earth
acrylic on canvas
man with dog
oil on canvas

paintings from life

works on paper

art as activism

1 thought on “gallery

  1. Dear Sherry ,
    I wrote this once so I don’t think you got it. I just wanted to tell you how much enjoyment I got looking at your website. You have mastered so many techniques and they truly did make me smile looking at your work. I also love color.( I just had my purple bedroom and master bath painted because I ‘m no longer a purple person( too much illness and world conditions.).
    I’m just watching the news and they’re talking about NFTss andcrypto currency.And the art world.I think your website is fabulous and put you ahead of the crowd in the new marketing wave. Good luck to you. Marcia (Brilliant) Yashinsky

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